The Nadlan Triple Check for Perfect Reports

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In order to arrive at the right number every time, Nadlan Valuation employs its own unique Triple Check Process for Perfect Reports. With our Triple Check Process, your underwriters save time knowing someone has already reviewed the report for accuracy and validity. It’s how we build strong relationships with clients. Here’s how we do it:


1. THE RIGHT APPRAISERS – Everything starts with getting the right appraiser to look at the property. Every appraiser in Nadlan’s network has been vetted to the most rigorous standards. You can be sure the value they place is as accurate as can be.


2. COMPUTER ANALYSIS – To deal with the complexity of paperwork and bureaucracy, every report is sent through the most up-to-date software. This makes sure the appraisal report is compliant with all national and regional regulations.


3. PROFESSIONAL REVIEW – Often, computers will miss the simplest mistakes that a human inspection will notice. While most AMCs are happy submitting their report to you before this stage, we take yet another look at the final report to make sure everything is completely accurate. This is what sets Nadlan apart from the rest and helps us make sure you receive a Perfect Report every time.


We stand by our process because it saves time for our clients. Since we do the double-checking your underwriters would generally do, we free them to focus on other tasks. We also enjoy a large amount of trust with our clients, in part because they know another set of eyes took a look at each report to make sure it’s perfect.


This is how Nadlan Valuation gives you Appraisals You Can Bank On.