The Nadlan Triple Check for Perfect Reports

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Nadlan Valuation, established in 2010, is the appraisal management company for Main Street America. We work with lenders to deliver the most accurate reports in a timely manner. Working with Nadlan, you get the same professionalism as a larger AMC but the personalized service you run your own organization with.


We cater to large corporate wealth industry banks as well as smaller lenders that make up the fabric of America, authorizing loans to home buyers in their community. We also handle refinancing, quality control and high-risk loan appraisal requests, among all of our other services. Let Nadlan help you manage the appraisal reports you submit on a daily basis.


Be confident that your Nadlan report starts with a flawless appraisal. Nadlan appraisers are all the best in the industry. Each one is prescreened and certified in their region. We have a methodology for matching the right appraiser to the right job, making sure you get an appraisal performed by the best equipped professional for the task.


Of course, beginning with an accurate appraisal, Nadlan is able to turn around reports faster and with more scrutiny than most other AMCs. In fact, we make sure of it with our Triple Check Process, fusing 21st century monitoring technology with intense human oversight.


The result is a professional appraisal process that provides the kind of accuracy to help expedite transactions and delivers you peace of mind that the true value of any given property is reflected in every Nadlan Perfect Report. You can take that to the bank!


Find out about the Nadlan difference today. Call us at 800-948-2121.